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Monday, August 12, 2019

Pittsburgh In Bloom

Hi all! Happy Summer! The sun's been shining quite a lot here in the Burgh. A lot of flowering trees and beautiful plants have been growing and blooming ever since this Spring. Seeing them on my daily walk to school is such a sight to behold, especially when their colors transition each and every day. Pittsburgh around this time becomes somewhat of a dreamy garden. It may not be as spectacular as Paris or Washington DC in the springtime, but it definitely has its own charm.

This year, I finally decided to practice my photography skills (influenced by Lanie) taking pictures of some of the beautiful plants, flowers, and trees that caught my eye. I was supposed to share these photos with you guys right around Spring but I've been so busy with the recent traveling and conferences. Speaking of travels, I will be sharing with you some of the highlights of my recent trips and activities soon. So stay tuned for that.

Most of the photos in this post were taken from around the Shadyside and Squirrel Hill area, especially near some of the historical landmarks/residences close to Forbes Avenue, Walnut Street, or even at Morewood Avenue, which is walking distance to the Carnegie Mellon campus and the Tepper School of Business. You will also see a few of the flowering trees and plants from my own yard.


The blooms of the Cherry Blossom tree right beside First Unitarian Church at Morewood Avenue

looking up

The swing under a blooming tree

love the violet accent

The shutterbug

underneath the branches

it's tulip season

a spectacular carriage porch along Devonshire St.


weeds also in bloom :-)

purple rhododendrons


cherry blossoms on my driveway

just "No"

near Wilkins Avenue

a beautiful path

This was such a fun activity to do. Not only did I get a nice stroll around and learned a great deal about photography, but I also had a chance to explore what else was blooming nearby CMU and around my neighborhood.

What are your plans this Summer?


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