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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Stans, Stanserhorn, & Lucerne Switzerland

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great time during the holidays. It's finally 2020 and I wish you all the best this coming year. 

Here is the second part of my trip to Switzerland during the last Accounting Research Workshop (11th ARW). As I mentioned in my previous post, Lanie and I didn't plan to stay in Switzerland that long, because we had a trip scheduled to Germany in the following days. However, we did spend a few days visiting places outside Zurich. Originally, we planned to book a trip to see Jungfraujoch, but we weren't very sure about the length of the trip to get there and back, also, we wanted to visit other places in Switzerland. So, we decided to book a trip through to see Lucerne, Stans, and Mt. Stanserhorn. These places seemed really interesting and they didn't require lots of exertion on our part, especially considering the high altitude and the long trip. Also, we didn't think these places would be as cold and as snowy as Jungfrau. The length of this trip was pretty much a whole day.

We started the first leg of this trip very early in the morning, and the meeting place was at the Sihlquai Coach Parking (Bus Terminal) Limmatstrasse 4, which is right across Zürich’s main train station. From there, we were asked to take a specific bus number that goes to Mt. Titlis, which is en route to Stanserhorn.

Lake Lucerne

lunch at La Terrazza

The tour bus took us first to Lake Lucerne for lunch and a quick visit. Then we boarded the bus again and were dropped off at Stans to take the antique wooden rail car. From there, we boarded the funicular railway via the CabriO, an open-top aerial cable car, to go up to Mt. Stanserhorn. We were almost alone for the most part of the trip, especially upon arriving at Stans and Stanserhorn. We were given a paper guide with a schedule and meeting points for the pick up by our tour bus. I must admit, the schedule given to us was quite confusing and was never quite clear, but we did figure it out along the way. So, if you ever plan to book this trip, PM me so I can give you some tips and guidance on what to do. Other than that, this trip was a lot of fun.


This is where we rode a very interesting and very beautiful antique wooden rail car. The ride lasted probably around ten minutes and the view outside the rail car was so beautiful, even though it was quite foggy and gloomy. We packed some light Winter jackets with us during this trip, since we anticipated the windchill and cool temps that come with climbing up the Alps. During the ride, we felt like entering the world of Heidi and Peter :-). The serenity of the view, the sound of cowbells, the bleating goats, and the smell of fresh green grass put you in a very relaxing mood.

inside the CabriO


a view of Rondorama Restaurant

The Fog

Right after taking the wooden rail car ride, we boarded the CabriO, which at first may seem scary, especially for Lanie :-), but it did feel very robust. Taking the CabriO took a few minutes, and it felt very stable while you're in it. It didn't shake at all, and it actually moved slowly. So, we were able to enjoy the panoramic view. We couldn't see quite well where we were going due to the dense fog, and it was kind of raining as we were reaching the top of Mt. Stanserhorn. It was also getting very cold, but the view, as you get closer and closer to the top, is very breathtaking and exciting at the same time.

don't look down

Upon reaching the Mt. Stanserhorn, we were greeted with a view of the magical Rondorama Restaurant, which looks rather obscure yet very unique in its design. From there, we walked around the top of Mt. Stanserhorn and we saw the “house of Heidi and Peter”, plus we caught a peek of the Marmot Park. We had to walk slowly though because of the high altitude, fortunately, both of us seem to be quite tolerant of it. I must say that you could feel a certain peacefulness by just being at Mt. Stanserhorn. Everything was so calm, so quiet, with just the ambient sound of nature and the sight of clouds touching the tip of the mountain. The Swiss Alps, especially Mt. Stanserhorn with its majestic green pasture view, are truly a place to visit and a sight to behold.  

back to Lucerne



After spending quite some time at Mt. Stanserhorn, we decided to board back down the CabriO, then we took the antique rail car down the mountainside and back to Stans. From there, we took a public train back to Lucerne where our tour bus would pick us up back to Zurich. Upon reaching Lucerne, however, we had some time to visit the popular Lion Monument and we also looked for a good chocolate shop. We also walked through Kapellbrücke or Chapel Bridge, which is a beautiful wooden pedestrian bridge. 

Lion Monument

where's Westeros?


such a view

Our trip ended where our tour bus first picked us up at the Bus Terminal. We then walked to Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten for a Cheese Fondue. The following day, we had to wake up early to board a high-speed train to Frankfurt Germany.

a view of River Reuss

Stay tuned for the last part of this trip.

Happy New Year once again everybody!


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