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Monday, May 6, 2019

CMU Spring Carnival 2019

Hello All! It's finally Spring and it's that time of the year again! The CMU Carnival, held last April 2019, was filled with exciting activities not just for the students, the staff, and the faculty, but also for every family and individuals who were looking for some things to do over the weekend. The theme for this year's Spring Carnival was "Planet Earth" and the highlights were the highly-anticipated Buggy race as well as the student-built Booths, to mention just a few. 

Most of the activities were open to everyone, especially for the kids and their parents. There were definitely several thrill rides for the young and the young-at-hearts :-), and different food trucks as well as several games that mostly tested either your aiming skill or your strength. 

While the weather was generally sunny during the carnival and the temperature ranged between the high 60's to the low 70's, there were still a few moments of cloudiness and occasional rain, but that didn't stop us from strolling around the campus and checking out some of the activities during the carnival.

We couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous flowering trees blooming all over CMU. The Magnolias, as well as the Cherry Blossoms, were a sight to behold! 

Aren't these Cherry Blossoms beautiful?

Magnolias in bloom

The Buggy race was always fun and exhilarating to watch, although we were kind of hoping for several reruns because we arrived late for the race. But since there were none, we decided to walk around the old business school and proceeded to check out the colorful booths. I felt like this year's booths were even more colorful than last year's, even though there were some that were not quite finished yet.

Hmmm...this says a lot :-)

Past the colorful booths, there were some rides that were not only rode by excited children but were also filled with screaming students having fun and getting the thrill of their lives. It was a lot of fun watching them, and I must admit, I did kinda want to ride that Ferris Wheel as well, but Lanie's got Acrophobia, so yeah. 

Next year, we plan to join the groups of students as well as some folks who threw colored powder at each other. They were having real fun celebrating the Indian Holi Festival and it was indeed a beautiful festival of bright colors and lively music. We didn't mind having our camera lenses getting struck with powdery colors at all.

These guys were having real fun!

We ended our carnival stroll with some M&M Ice Cream sandwiches and a plan to walk through the School of Computer Sciences for a coffee hunt. :-)

Have a break. Have some M&Ms :-)

Happy Spring everyone! Did you visit this year's CMU Carnival? 


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