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Monday, October 21, 2019

11th Accounting Research Workshop. Zurich, Switzerland

Grüezi Mitenand! Last June, I attended the 11th Accounting Research Workshop (ARW) held at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Lanie came with me on this trip, and it was our first time in this stunning city. I had a great time meeting new colleagues, especially the ones that are EU-based, as well as talking to the familiar Accounting circle. Although we didn't stay long in Zurich, (we planned to take the train to Germany) we had such a great time exploring the city during the very few days we allocated for it.


It was very sunny when we arrived in Zurich. Summer was full-on and it was kind of humid as well. Since we booked the hotel at almost the last minute, we found only availability at one of the smallest recommended hotels for the workshop. The hotel is called Hotel Swiss Night, located at Steinwiesstrasse 8. The hotel has the quintessential Swiss decor, complete with the red Swiss cow beside the doorway and replicas of huge Swiss cheeses greeting you as soon as you open the door. It has an overall red and white aesthetic just like the Swiss flag. One thing that stood out for us, when we first got in, was how narrow the hallways were, and how tiny the elevator really was. It could barely fit two people. Even though the rooms were already very small, the portable AC in the room was not enough to provide some cooling, even more so because we were given a room in the attic. The breakfast there was nice. Lanie found her "star bread" in this hotel, which I think is known as the “1.August-Weggen” bread in Swiss German (correct me if I'm wrong). But yeah, it's the bread with the Swiss flag at the center (apparently, it tastes like the Philippine star bread, hmmm...) Though most of the staff there speaks and understands English, you may need to brush on your basic German to specify what you want. Wasser oder Milch? 


We were very jet-lagged but we managed to take a stroll along Lake Zurich and got mesmerized by the beautiful swans. There were lots of them begging for snacks. Lake Zurich is really a beauty. It looks very serene and overall very scenic. 


Münsterbrücke with a view of the Fraumünster Church

After Lake Zurich, we took a quick eTukTuk tour to get an overview of the city. Being in the electric tricycle was a lot of fun and our tour guide, Attila, was very informative and very knowledgeable about everything Zurich. After the quick tour, we had a nice stroll along the Limmat River and through Münsterbrücke. The Fraumünster church is located nearby and it is absolutely impressive with its green spire.


Apart from walking nearby the Limmat, we also strolled through Bahnhofstrasse for some shops, stopped at a local flower shop for some fresh flowers, checked out their farmer's market, and visited the Coop Supermarkt where we found lots of Toblerones.

sweets from Coop Supermarkt

In between strolls, we stopped at Gran Cafe Motta for some ice cream and dined at Restaurant Dialog for Lasagna and Quattro Formaggi Pizza.

To be continued... stay tuned for part 2 of this Swiss trip.


The next Accounting Research Workshop (12th ARW) will be held in Basel, Switzerland on June 24-25, 2021. 

Next year, there will be the 14th Workshop on Accounting and Economics, which will be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on June 18-19, 2020

Will be you be coming to these workshops?


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