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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Marburg, Germany

To continue with the last post, Lanie and I took a high-speed train from Zurich to Frankfurt to visit her sister's family. The trip was about 4 hours, but it actually felt really short. From Frankfurt, we took a local train to Marburg. Then from Marburg, we drove to Rauischholzhausen (try pronouncing that :-) ) and stayed at the nearby Hotel Zum Stern, which is a peaceful dreamy hotel with a castle nearby.

Hotel Zum Stern


Marburg Schloss

Marburg is a picturesque university town just north of Frankfurt and it lies along the Lahn river. Also known as Marburg an der Lahn, it belongs to the state of Hessen and is the home of the University of Marburg. It is also a place of inspiration of the Brothers Grimm. Yes, you read that right. The Grimm Brothers were once students at the University of Marburg and this is the place where they imagined most of their stories. Interesting isn't it? Here in this medieval and gothic town, you will find Snow White's magical mirror, Cinderella's famous shoe, and enchanting castles.

We had a great time visiting the famous Marburg Schloss, which is a majestic castle and a museum, and we also visited Marburg's Marketplace, also known as Marktplatz. Here you will find lots of buildings made of timber, and you will also find several restaurants that serve a couple of traditional German food. We especially love the Schnitzel and, yes, the Sauerkraut. 


Hello :-)

From Marktplatz, we drove to see the Saint Elizabeth Church. This is an impressive gothic church built by the Order of the Teutonic Knights honoring Marburg's patroness St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

Inside St. Elizabeth's Church


We also visited the famous Hercules Monument in Kassel, which is not very far away from Marburg. This monument features the ancient Greek demigod Hercules all made in copper standing on a pyramid with cascading water running down towards a vast park. Not far from the park is the Museumlandschaft where we saw beautiful paintings of Rembrandt and several other German painters. Before leaving Kassel, we went to a Bavarian restaurant that serves Schweinshaxe and it's really good.


Schloss Rauischholzhausen

The day before we left Marburg, we had a chance to see the Schloss Rauischholzhausen. This is an idyllic fairytale castle manor located within a walking distance from our hotel. This castle was built by the von Stumm family and is surrounded by a beautiful park. 

I can imagine why the Grimm Brothers got inspired to write their fairytales in this beautiful German town. Marburg is indeed, a magical and inspirational place to visit.


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