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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hello Tepper Quad

Finally, ever since its inception in 2011, we are now moving to Tepper Quad! The new Carnegie Mellon business school building called the David Tepper Quadrangle, or simply known as the Tepper Quad, is the newest skyline to rise in Pittsburgh. It's a five-floor building that boasts large open spaces, huge floor to ceiling windows, and wide staircases. It is built with environmental responsibility and sustainability standards in mind. The building lets in a lot of natural light, and from the moment you enter, you'll see people walking in the hallways at different floor levels.

The cafeteria and eatery in the second floor feels incredibly spacious

Taking my things to my office

We are being moved slowly in batches, week by week. I am included in one of the first waves to move to the new Tepper Quad. We were given crates to pack our stuff and the movers took them to our new offices. Speaking of my office, it feels a bit narrower than my previous one, but also a bit longer. It overlooks Forbes Avenue and Heinz School of Public Policy and Management. Even though we are already moving, the new business school is still not completely done. There are still some workers completing the finishing touches inside the building and the exterior landscape, but things are moving fast. A lot of offices are still empty because their future occupants are still in the old building, but every week, a new wave of professors moves in.

A view of the glass front of the building from the fourth floor halway 

The building has a cafeteria with abundant colorful seats. You can also find many places along the hallways and common areas for light dining and informal meetings. It even has a complete gym with lockers and showers as well as a massive auditorium that can seat an audience of several hundred people.

Here are some of the photos of the new Tepper School of Business, the Tepper Quad:

The all glass building front feels sleek and spacious

The roof lets in a lot of natural light

A resting area in the MBA section. Notice the circular design ceiling lights 

A classroom with futuristic chairs is almost done

Ph.D. student cubicles. Their tables, as those of professors, can be elevated to work standing up.

A common area filled with psychedelic colorful couches

A patio filled with succulents along the sides. It has a nice view of Forbes Avenue. 

The view from my office. I can see Forbes Avenue.

The large cafeteria with a ton of seating filled with yellow and green chairs

Another seating/dining area close to the gym

Tepper Quad's very own gym

MBA students lockers

The very large Simmon's Auditorium

The front garden of Tepper Quad

Wide staircase

The wide hallway leading to my office with natural light and a beautiful view

An unoccupied professor's office

One of the classrooms in which I teach

I will definitely miss our old business school building. It was small but cozy. But, with the new Tepper Quad, the Tepper School of Business is finally unconstrained to grow as it sees fit. The future looks promising and exciting. Come visit us here!

A frontal view of the Tepper Quad form the yet unfinished garden

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