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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

CMU Spring Carnival 2018

The annual CMU Spring Carnival is a highly-anticipated event not just for students, but also for locals all over Pittsburgh and beyond. This year, people flocked to Tech and Frew Street, as well as Schenley Drive to cheer and witness the Buggy race, which was fun and entertaining to watch.

The booths this year were very colorful and creatively done. A lot of them look very realistic and each one of them was interesting to explore. This year's booth theme was all about "Myths And Legends".


Apart from the buggy race and the booth showcase, there were also different activities not only for students but also for families with kids. There were exhilarating rides like the Ferris Wheel, as well as water slides and food kiosks.

The weather around this time fluctuates a lot. There are times that the sun comes out and then, all of a sudden, it gets quite chilly. However, there's no stopping the students who work so hard to make this event a reality every year.


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